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Enterprise and Skills Board publishes Strategic Plan

Scotland’s Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board has published its Strategic Plan.

The Plan has a 20-year horizon and will be updated annually. It aims to drive greater productivity and inclusive growth through the enterprise and skills system in all parts of Scotland.

There are 14 actions for all five enterprise and skills agencies and 18 recommendations for Government.

These actions and recommendations centre on four interconnected missions:

Through its membership of the Strategic Board, HIE has been heavily involved in developing the Plan.

Charlotte Wright, HIE chief executive, said:

“We very much welcome the emphasis this plan has on collaboration between agencies as key to driving productivity and inclusive growth. This collaboration will run through the four overarching missions.

“While the HIE Board continues to make key decisions for the agency and the region and report directly to Scottish Ministers, the guidance and alignment provided by the Strategic Board will help improve the effectiveness and performance of all the enterprise and skills agencies.

“We look forward to taking forward the actions outlined in the plan and the subsequent benefits these will bring for the economy of the Highlands and Islands and for Scotland.”

The ESSB Strategic Plan is available here.

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