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Full speed ahead for Tiree after Community Broadband Scotland approves funding injection

The most westerly-island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland is receiving a speed boost after a funding injection into the island’s current broadband network is announced.

Community Broadband Scotland (CBS) are awarding £80,000 to CIT Ltd to enable them to upgrade their current network and begin offering improved broadband services (with speeds of up to 30Mbps).

The total project cost will be £91,000 with an £11,000 contribution coming from Tiree Community Development Trust (Tiree CDT). Realising that there was little commercial appetite to provide broadband services on the island, Tiree CDT took it upon themselves to bring to the island the connectivity needed to allow individuals and businesses to remain connected with the wider world and formed CIT Ltd, a subsidiary of Tiree CDT.

Initially offering speeds of 2Mbps, subscribers can now look towards a future where broadband connectivity will no longer be an obstacle. Mark Vale from Tiree CDT said: “Tiree Community Development Trust is thrilled that we have been able to secure this funding from CBS for our community-owned wireless communications provider CIT Ltd. Improving infrastructure, like broadband, is a vital component in the development of our local economy and in our island’s fight against depopulation.

This project will deliver a greatly improved quality of internet services and speeds to 160 households and businesses in our community and enhance the long-term viability of community broadband on Tiree.”

Peter Guthrie, CBS Head of Team also commented:

“CBS recognises the dedication and hard work that CIT Ltd has put into their network since 2005 and we’re delighted that we can now help them take the next step towards improved broadband coverage. CBS is committed to supporting rural areas across Scotland access better connectivity and we will continue to work closely with Tiree Broadband as they begin their upgrade work.”


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