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Innovative Scottish rural network wins prestigious European Broadband Award

An innovative broadband network bringing transformational connectivity to the Scottish highlands and islands has won a prestigious award.

An innovative broadband network bringing transformational connectivity to the Scottish highlands and islands has won a prestigious award.

The RemIX project has won the European Broadband Award for providing a future-proofed and quality service across a 2000km² area, spanning both sea and mountainous mainland across the west coast of Scotland. RemIX is a design for a ‘distributed internet exchange for remote and rural regions,’ currently being used by HUBS c.i.c. to build and operate the West Highlands and Islands Exchange (WHIX).

Together, RemIX and WHIX have established a new length of broadband infrastructure for the West Coast Backbone, a £267,000 research project led by the University of Edinburgh, with participation from the University of Stirling and funded by Community Broadband Scotland (CBS).

RemIX’s breakthrough represents a potentially ground-breaking change in the way broadband is delivered in rural areas. RemIX allows small access networks along the west coast of Scotland to access good quality and affordable backhaul to provide broadband services to remote, sparsely populated areas. It is hoped that this model can be replicated in other rural areas struggling with poor connectivity.

Fergus Ewing MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity said: “Scotland is playing a key role in overcoming the challenges associated with delivering high quality connectivity to our most rural communities.  

“Availability of high quality, affordable backhaul is one of those challenges and the RemIX project is generating some hugely valuable learning in this area.  That is why Community Broadband Scotland supported the project and I am delighted that it has won such a prestigious award – the only UK project to be recognised by the EU.”

Marwan Fayed, representing RemIX said: “HUB c.i.c., as well as the Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling are both honoured and proud to be recognised in this manner. We are particularly grateful to the communities and agencies that welcomed and supported us.

“RemIX was engineered to be easily reproducible, while adhering to known Internet standards. It is our sincerest desire to expand the West Highlands implementation across Scotland and the UK, with additional proposals for investigations in Serbia and South Africa.”

You can access more information on HUBS here >


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