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Update on Cairngorm Funicular Railway

The Cairngorm funicular railway has stopped operating as a safety precaution while specialist engineers carry out detailed investigations into concerns raised in a recent inspection.

The concerns relate to sliding bearings that enable movement of the track support structure. HIE issued the following statement today (Friday):

“HIE has always viewed the funicular as an important asset to underpin the local economy and support its growth, as well as being a unique Scottish visitor attraction. That was why we built the railway and have continued to work hard to sustain year-round operations through many challenges since it was opened in 2001.

“The present closure relates to safety concerns that obviously need to be investigated thoroughly. Once we fully understand the nature of the problem, and the extent of any remedial action that may be required, we will know how long the closure will need to last.

“Naturally, this is a very unwelcome development, and we regret the uncertainty that many local businesses must be feeling right now.

“It is absolutely our aim to see operations resume as soon as it is judged safe to do so. 

“HIE fully supports the call made by Highland Council Convener Bill Lobban this week to establish a response team, so that public bodies and other stakeholders can work together to address the situation as swiftly and effectively as possible. 

“We are committed to the businesses and communities of Strathspey and determined to play our part in finding a solution to the present challenge, and a positive future for Cairngorm.“

More information can be found in our earlier news release.

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