Wave Energy Scotland to be partner in €8m EU Ocean Energy project

Scotland’s wave energy body, Wave Energy Scotland (WES), has become a partner in the €8 million, EU-funded project, DTOcean+.

This new project will create advanced open source software to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of wave and tidal energy systems.

WES will lead the Stage Gate Design section of the project, providing valuable insight from its technology development programme. This programme has awarded 77 projects a total of £28.2m since 2014.

The output of DTOcean+ will be a user-friendly and freely available software package, which can support technology companies in testing their concepts at an early stage. It will help improve the reliability, performance and endurance of ocean energy systems, making the sector more attractive for private investment.

By reducing the technical and financial risks, wave and tidal energy devices will then become cost-competitive with other energy sectors.

Tim Hurst, WES managing director, said: “Becoming a partner in this major initiative takes our work to a whole new level. Those involved with ocean energy technology across Europe are working together to share best practise. Our role is to secure additional benefits for Scotland’s wave energy sector.”

WES is already working with US partners Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on developing common metrics for evaluating wave energy devices.

The DTOcean+ partnership started in May this year and will run until April 2021. It is managed by Tecnalia in Spain and brings together 15 partners from eight different countries (UK, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, US and Denmark).

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