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What can data do for me?

The DataFest18 Fringe for the Highlands and Islands is a week long programme of events in March highlighting how data can benefit businesses and our communities.

In the run up to the event we are sharing a series of stories and factsheets demystifying what you can do with data, and meeting some of the people using it to solve real life and business problems.

HIE is hosting the event at its digital demonstration centre in Inverness, #hellodigital and the programme is tackling data use across a number of fields, including skills, health, business, public services and creative industries.

Contributors to the week will include The Data Lab, the Scottish Government, the National Records of Scotland, NHS: Information Services Division, The Highland Council, Robert Gordon University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Albyn Housing, and the Centre for Engineering Education and Development (CeeD).

If you'd like to know more about why data is important check out the blogs and advice available on #hellodigital and through our @HIEdigital twitter account.  So far we have published a jargon buster, as well as pieces from the DataLab, from data science students, and from some of the contributors to the health day. There will be more to follow on data and business.

You can book a place for the DataFest18 Fringe events the #hellodigital event page.




Digital and broadband 27.11.2018

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